Every yoga mat purchase supports endangered animal species - now we're supporting lynxes! 🤍

We do positive things

Did you know that in the last 50 years the population of wild animals has decreased by as much as 58%? Many factors contribute to this, but the main threat to wild species is man and his activities. That's why we decided to support Europe's biggest cats, the lynx, which urgently need our help to survive. For every mat sold, we donate 3% of the profits to the protection of endangered lynxes - the collected funds are transferred to the WWF foundation, which has been running lynx reintroduction and population protection programmes in Poland since 2007. As part of these activities, adult lynxes from zoos or lynx cubs born in captivity are released into the wild. So far, thanks to the projects supported by the WWF Foundation, almost 90 lynxes have found freedom in Polish forests.

The Eurasian lynx inhabits parts of Europe, but also the Asian part of Russia and Mongolia and countries in the Middle East. In Europe, lynxes live in the Carpathians, Poland, Russia, Scandinavia and Belarus. In Poland alone, there are currently only about 200 lynx.There are two populations - the Carpathian lynx, which lives in the mountains, and the lowland lynx, which can be found in the north-east of the country.

The main threat to the lynx is man and his activities, e.g. poaching and increasing infrastructure, including dense road networks cutting through forests, which prevent lynxes from roaming and resting peacefully. By purchasing our thing positive mats, we donate a portion of the profits from each mat on your behalf to protect the lynx population. If in addition to this you would also like to help the wild cats, you can symbolically adopt a lynx on the WWF website - this way you can further support the recovery of the lynx population.

We will not save everything that we would like to. But we will save far more than could have been saved if we had not made our efforts at all.

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